Friday, January 10, 2014



We were finally able to make our trip to Disney with Alex happen! We were so excited to head to Florida over Spring Break.Little did we know that Universal and Disney were two totally different theme parks. We know now and we loved every moment of both!
We are so excited to be able to take Alex everywhere with us and have it be an enjoyable adventure. It has taken awhile to have him be comfortable to just get in the car and trust that his whole little life wouldn't change again! It has got to be a huge mental adjustment.
Adam has gotten to be almost as tall as Scott. He has his drivers permit  and is enjoying driving. He is doing well. He is a freshman at Rock Canyon and he likes High School! He is involved in a youth group at Castle Rock Bible Church and loves being active.
Alex is doing well in 2nd grade and loves his teacher this year! He has really loved all of his teachers. We are blessed that he loves school. He is doing well and catching up. He still loves recess the most and is a very active young man!
We had a great trip to Minnesota and Jackson Hole. It was nice to get back on track with getting to do some great trips with the family. The economy bounced back a bit and the construction industry bounced back a bit. We feel blessed to be able to spend such memorable times with our boys !

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